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Dr. Bosley is a practicing emergency physician in Pocatello, Idaho where he has lived with his wife and children since 1981.

He was raised in Nebraska and Colorado, graduating from the University of Colorado Medical School in Denver, Colorado followed by a residency in emergency medicine in Indianapolis, Indiana.
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His wife is his best friend of nearly 30 years and a talented artist, his oldest son is in the Army Special Forces (Green Beret), his second son is a County Sheriff and served in the Marines and his daughter is a school psychologist.

He began writing a newspaper column at the urging of the local newspaper's managing editor, enjoying not only the writing but also the learning from doing research for the articles. This has led to a dual interest in history and government, particularly the founding fathers and the United States Constitution.

His writing would please his late father, a high school history and government teacher who also voluntarily served in World War II as a Lieutenant on an amphibious attack transport, the USS Hyde.

You can find him early each morning with a cup of coffee, reading and editing his column, sitting in the overstuffed pink rocking chair his father gave his mother in 1950 just prior to his birth.

If you would like to contact him directly, you can email him at craig@craigbosley.com.

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"I rejoice in your columns, whether I agree or disagree with your opinions, because you ask us to think for ourselves."

"A friend sent me a copy of your Mother's Day column. My mom passed away four years ago, and your column touched my heart so much that I'm sending it to my four brothers, two sisters, and their children. I'm sure you had no idea your thoughts would reach all the way to Missouri, but I certainly 'thank you' for sharing."

"You easily set yourself apart from the majority of the published pundits in the world by being wonderfully respectful to others, especially with those you disagree. Characters such as yours make the world a better place."

"Once again Doc, you seem to have a way of putting things into perspective."

"I appreciate your rock-solid political and social observations. I am once again struck by your ability to 'tell it as it is' while sticking to reality. Until we have more thoughtful and honest people like you, making their voices heard, we will fulfill Edmund Burke's oft-quoted observation: 'All that is needed for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.'"

"The good doctor asks questions I really don't what to answer, but will nonetheless."

"Your style of discussion has inspired me to try to do better."

"You're a good man, Dr. Bosley!"

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